The crypto-currencies enter the world of racket sports with the SETcoin


David Goffin, number 10 in the ATP world ranking, made history this Monday by making the first purchase in SETcoins, a crypto-currency that Setteo, the first world racket sports community presents at the Mutua Madrid Open, with the goal of becoming, the world currency of racket sports in the coming months.

GoffinSetteo‘s ambassador, made the first transaction by acquiring 12000 SETcoins that he could instantly while he was shopping in the commercial area of the tournament by buying sunglasses from the brand Maui Jim. Everything was made through his mobile phone and from one single application, without intermediaries and transaction costs in just a few seconds.

“I am very happy to participate in the launch of the Setcoin. This currency will not only facilitate online transactions but will also reward the most active players and organizers in the tennis community” said Goffin, who was accompanied by Pierre-Emmanuel Czaja, CEO of Setteo, and Pedro Pérez, Digital Director of the company, who explained how the crypto-currency works.

“The Blockchain will settle permanently in our society. It is there to create a better world where people will be connected and will be able to carry out all types of transactions with each other  in complete trust, freedom and security. At Setteo, we want to contribute to this new era, redesign the future of racket sports and its economy, “said Pérez.

In this regard, the company’s Digital Director emphasized that the SETcoin “Is not just a speculative value, but the true heart of our business and a sustainable ecosystem. It will add value to each transaction. Welcome to the decentralized economy of racket sports “.

Currently, more than 650 million people around the world regularly play tennis, padel, squash, badminton or dozens of games in which a racket is used. Before the end of the year, Setteo expects that more than one million people will regularly use this currency.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the SETcoin will have a real utility and not only speculative. For instance, you can book a court, pay a lesson, sign up for events or competitions, watch games and even buy your next racket.

The players themselves will be the most rewarded, since they will earn SETcoins for free with their activity within the network. Every game they play, every court they book, every lesson or tournament they participate in, every member they bring to the Setteo community will bring them SETcoins.

On the other hand, the more active the players are, the more the value of the currency will increase, since the amount of SETcoins is limited to a defined number.

The initial sales process for SETcoins, known as ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ), consists of 2 phases.

The first phase, from May 7 to July 15, is offered exclusively to Setteo users who download the new application ( Setteo Player, already available on the App Store and Google Play ). A limited amount of SETcoins will go on sale at an initial price, with an additional 15% bonus.

In a second phase, from 16 July to 23 September, SETcoins will be offered to the global cryptocurrency investment community.

It is a global and innovative model, which will surely mark a before and after in our conception of the world of cryptocurrencies. For the first time, a cryptocurrency makes the leap into the real world by giving it a daily use, no longer limited to speculation or investment.

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